Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

There's a quotation that says, "I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck."

I'm not sure all women feel that way. But I think I'm safe in saying most mothers would love having roses on their table on Mother's Day, and throughout the summer months as well! If your mom enjoys gardening, giving her a rose bush will not only provide her with a steady stream of flowers for her table, it will also add beauty to her yard where others can enjoy it.

While one who enjoys gardening will see potential in the black plastic pot with the stubby thorny stems sticking up from it, creating a pretty gift basket to present it in gives her something to enjoy now, as well.

fiskars mother's day rose basket 1

You can certainly purchase a new basket, but I started with this basket I picked up at a thrift store. I liked the high arching handle and how roomy it is. I didn't like the color of it so I spray painted it white.

fiskars mother's day rose basket  2

As my Granny would say, little banners are "all the rage" right now. I created one to hang from the basket handle using a variety of Fiskars Squeeze Punches. If you've not had an opportunity to use one of these Squeeze Punches, I'll telly you the design of them makes punching paper amazingly easy. They're especially wonderful for people who don't have a lot of hand strength such as kids or crafters who have arthritis.

After punching my shapes from patterned papers made by My Mind's Eye, I layered them to create my banner fronts. I sandwiched a piece of yarn between my banner pieces and a circle punched from old book paper to make the backs pretty, as well.

fiskars mother's day rose basket  3

Since it will be awhile before the rose bush is in bloom, a bouquet of fresh roses is a nice addition to the gift basket. I included a pair of Fiskars Powergear Bypass Pruner in my gift basket. These pruners are unique because the part of the handle that rests in the bend of your four fingers rotates with your fingers as you squeeze the pruners to make a cut. They are available in 2 sizes to fit small and large hands.

I used my own Powergear Bypass Pruners to remove the leaves and stems from the lower portion of each of the roses for my bouquet.

fiskars mother's day rose basket  4

Next I bundled 3 roses together using floral Tape. I added roses to the bunch, 3 at a time, wrapping the bunch with more floral tape each time.

fiskars mother's day rose basket bouquet

I finished the bouquet by wrapping the stems with a length of eyelet trim, hiding the floral tape.

fiskars mother's day rose basket card

A handmade card is always a quick and easy project to make and use for adding a personal message to a gift. This sweet little bird from the new For the Birds Stamp set fit in nicely with my gift basket theme. Some machine stitching added a softer appearance to the simple blocked design of the card.

fiskars mother's day rose basket  5

I used the Fiskars Retractable Craft Knife to cut a slit in the spine of the card so I could slip a strip of muslin through to create my bow.

fiskars mother's day rose basket

To finish off my gift basket, I used a woven placemat to create a cover with a pocket for the pot. A placemat is not long enough to wrap completely around the pot of a rose so you can stitch 2 of them together or you can do as I did and just tie the ends of one placemat on the backside of the pot leaving you with an opening, similar to the way an apron ties. Folding the long bottom edge of the placemat up prior to tying the ends creates a nice little pocket to slip in a pair of Fiskars Powergear Bypass Pruners.

I hope you'll decide to give your own mom beautiful flowers all summer long and soon head out to your local nursery with your Mother's Day Rose Basket gift list. While you're there, don't forget to take a look at those Powergear Pruners!