Sewing on Cards for National Sewing Month

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Sewing on Cards for National Sewing Month

This month is National Sewing Month and as an avid seamstress, I couldn’t resist celebrating by sharing a few ways to bring some stitched detail to your handmade cards!

Pop out card

Sewing on paper can actually enhance your card designs by helping to create projects and detail that glue adhesives cannot. For example, I created this ‘pop out’ style card by cutting shapes with various paper punches. By doubling or tripling the punched shapes, you can layer them on top of each other, sew right through the center, and fold the top layer of shapes back for a ‘pop out’ effect.

Pop out card close

When sewing through cardstock, keep the ends of the thread long. Once you have finished sewing, pull the threads on the front of the card through to the back and seal all thread with a short length of tape. This will prevent unraveling and will also help the card to lay flat.

I recommend sewing onto a separate piece of cut cardstock that then gets mounted onto a blank card front. That way you can conceal the threads and stitching at the back and they are not visible.

You might prefer to incorporate stitching on cards as a simple background detail, like I have done in this next card. The stitched lines add a little dimension and interest to the card front and remember, you can change stitch styles and length, direction, thread color etc. for different looks and styles.

Hexagon Stitched card

Of course, you could also hand stitch a card and I think this is a perfect way to add a heartfelt sentiment. I simply drew the words I wanted to sew onto cardstock, lightly in pencil. I then punched small holes at even intervals around the words with my needle to help guide me as I sewed. Then, with three strands of embroidery floss, I followed the pencil lines and stitched the words. I finished my sentiment with a stamp because I like the contrast it creates.

Hand sewn card

Sewing on cardstock or paper is much easier than you may think, and if you’ve never tried it I do hope some of these ideas might inspire you to dust off your sewing machine and partake in your own National Sewing Month fun!


Supply List

Assorted cardstock

Sewing machine