Teacher’s Gift: Embroidery Hoop Art

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Teacher’s Gift: Embroidery Hoop Art

Are you looking for a way to brighten a teacher’s day?  If so, this simple-to-make embroidery hoop art project is just for you! It's a perfect idea for the holidays.

This particular design is made easy with the help of the Fuse Creativity System®, Mini Flower Design Set, and a pair of fabric scissors. If you don’t have the Fuse Creativity System, don’t immediately discount this tutorial as you can make a modification and use circles as templates for the flower and leaf shapes and still turn out something beautifully handmade in less than two hours.


The supplies you need are simple: embroidery hoop, fabric, embroidery needle, embroidery floss, a doily, pins and some brads.


Here’s how:
Cut fabric approximately 13” square. Precision isn’t necessary, you just need a square of fabric larger than your hoop that gives you ample excess to arrange it in the hoop and allow some slack for stitching embellishments on later. Iron wrinkles from fabric. Lay the inside portion of your hoop on your work surface, place ironed fabric over top and then place outer ring of the hoop. Press hoops back together as one, sandwiching your fabric in between. Tighten screw on hoop as tightly as possible, and then pull excess fabric hanging over to make the fabric taut in the hoop. Center your doily and pin in place.


Taking one pin out at a time, work around the perimeter of the doily securing it to the fabric in the hoop using brads. If you prefer, you can hand-stitch it in place with embroidery floss.


Cut several flowers using your Fuse Creativity System. You will need five flowers, at a minimum, for each blossom you wish to create.  Although, you can use up to 10 to build a fuller looking blossom.


Fold a flower in half (wrong sides together), then in half again to create a petal. Stitch the point of this petal to the center of a flat fabric flower. Repeat three more times, stitching each petal on to cover the flat flower base. Finally, fold the final flower in half (right sides together), then in half again and stitch to the center. Fluff petals. If you want a fuller flower, continue folding and stitching until you get the fullness you desire.


Once you are done stitching, pull the thread taut and triple knot it off in the back of the blossom, but do not cut the thread. Leave the tail remaining so you can arrange your blossoms on the doily until you get the arrangement you prefer. Once you do, pin them in place and stitch them on one at a time. Fold green material in the same fashion as the petals and stitch in place as leaves.


Lastly, when your stitching is done, tighten your fabric again and tighten the screw back up. Turn your hoop over and make sure all excess fabric is pulled away from the inner rim. Working 4-5” inches at a time, place a bead of hot glue on the wooden rim of the hoop, then turn the fabric in toward the middle of the hoop and press into the glue. Work carefully as the hot glue will seep through thinner fabrics. Once you’ve worked all the way around the hoop take your fabric scissors and cut away all excess fabric so your hoop will lay nicely against the wall when displayed.

Supply List

10” Embroidery Hoop
Assorted Fabric
Thrifted Doily
Coil Brads (Karen Foster Design)
Paper Flower (Prima Marketing Inc.)
Embroidery Needle
Embroidery Thread
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Gun Glue sticks