Rag Flowers

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Rag Flowers

Turn your old T-shirts into pretty flowers!

Put your scissors to those old T-shirts and make something pretty today!

Using a pair of Easy Action™ Razor-edge Scissors (No. 8) cut a long strip from the T-shirt about two inches wide by ten inches long. Fold this strip in almost but not quite a half as shown. Punch a circle using a Large Round Squeeze punch and use that as a guide cut out a fabric circle.


Photo showing fabric strip, scissors, two circles and a punch


Pleat and roll the long strip into a flower shape. Adhere this onto the circle using hot glue. Press down firmly and let dry for a minute. Gently pull the petals of the flower till it looks good. Using a pair of Micro Tip Scissors, snip at two to three places to make smaller petals at the top. Add a button or gem in the center to complete the flower.


Rolled fabric+ hot glue gun+ finished flower+ scissor


To make a larger flower, cut off the sleeves of the T-shirt and die cut circles using the Fuse Creativity system. You can easily cut up to 10 layers of fabric at once.


Die cut circles of fabric


First fold a crease along the center of the circle. Now fold another crease along the center of the circle but this time in the opposite direction. Now adhere a smaller flower on top of this circle. Trim around the bottom layer if it seems too big. You can add up to three or four ruffled circles beneath each flower to get a really frilly larger flower.


making the flower out of fabric


Add a few felt and fabric leaves if you want and enjoy your flowers!


Finished Rag Flowers


Supply List

Old T-shirts, Buttons, Jewels,  Hot glue gun, Felt and scraps of green fabric for leaves.