Upcycled Leg Warmers

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner



Turn your old sweaters into fun new leg warmers!

Are you getting ready to do some spring cleaning in your closets? Wait! Don’t throw out those old sweaters. You can easily upcycle them into trendy and cute legwarmers. With a little simple sewing, you’ll turn old fashion into something new!


1. Find an old sweater that preferably has cuffed wrists. Decide how long you want your legwarmers to be – keep in mind that the wrist portion will now fall at your ankle.


Sweater with scissors


2. Cut the arm of the sweater at a 90 degree angle from the shoulder.


cut sleeve off of sweater


3. Turn the arm inside out. Fold the edge back and pin.


Pinned sweater


4. Carefully stitch along the edge to hem with your sewing machine. Use the same color thread for a uniform look, or experiment with contrasting threads.
5. Turn right side out and you’re done! It's that easy!

Supply List

Sewing machine & thread.