Ruffled Flower Pillow

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Ruffled pillow

Make a fun, whimsical pillow for your room!

I am using a 16 inch round pillow here. I first cut my pillow cover front to be a complete circle using the Softgrip Pinking Shears. For the back of the pillow cover, I cut two circle halves with enough fabric overlap to form the pillow closure. I then folded and sew the straightedges.


Step one scissors with fabric


For the flower, I chose two fabrics: a plain pink one and a patterned pink one; and alternated these to form my flower petals.

I cut 5 inch wide strips of fabric in the lengths of 112, 88, 72, 64 and 56 inches. I folded each strip width wise into half and ironed my crease.


step 2 strips of fabric


I then hand stitched each strip along one edge to form ruffles as seen in this photo. To form a circle, I placed one end of the strip within the other and pinned them in place.


step 3 ruffled strips of fabric


To form petals, I started placing my ruffled fabric circles along the outer edge. I then machine stitched the whole pinned ruffled outer circle onto the pillow front. I repeated this, till I had all five ruffled layers in place,


step 4 ruffled fabric assembled


For the center of the flower, I die cut three felt circles using the Fuse creativity system. I then trimmed a little bit off of two of these circles using the Fiskars Softgrip Sewing Scissors. I added these to the center of my flower and the pillow was ready!


step 5 Fuse widgets


I then twirled some extra green fabric, laid it over my die cut circles, and I created the center of my flower!

Supply List

Fabric, needle, felt, sewing machine