Spring Banner

  • Difficulty Rating: Intermediate
Spring Banner

Even though I'm not a fan of the term, "green", I still believe in using common sense and not wasting resources.

That was the inspiration for this banner project. I used 2 different sweaters that were accidently shrunk (thanks honey!) and some vintage book and ledger pages, as well as small scrap pieces of fabric that weren't big enough for other projects. I had already used most of the argyle sweater for a pillow, so I had to be pretty creative to figure out a way to use the skinny strips that were left.

letter s_rev


1. For the letter "S": Use the Rotary Trimmer and Cutting Mat to trim a 5.5 inch x 5.5 inch square from a sweater sleeve with ribbing. Then handcut the letter "s" using the Pinking Shears. Handstitch the "s" to the square. Then use the Apron Lace Border Punch on a strip of kraft cardstock about 1.5 inch. Then prepoke holes to spell "happy" and handstitch with black embroidery floss. Use wet adhesive to adhere stitched strip to background.
2. For the letter "P": Trim a piece of chipboard 5.5 inch x 5.5 inch using Fiskars Craft Knife and metal edge ruler on Cutting Mat. Paint a 5.5 inchx5.5 inch piece of vintage ledger paper (I usually paint a whole page and then trim it down to the size I need, then I have scraps to use for other projects) Set aside to dry. Handcut letter "P" and scrap of cotton fabric for center of "P". When paint is dry, adhere painted ledger piece to chipboard, and adhere "P" and center fabric to painted paper. Take long torn strip of cotton fabric and tie a knot around the piece.

3. For the letter "r": Use Rotary Trimmer and Cutting Mat to trim a 5.5 inch x 5.5 inch piece of fuschia sweater. Then handtrim an "r" from sweater (same sweater as background for "S"). Handstitch "r" to background with black embroidery floss. Use Butterfly Squeeze Punch on painted ledger paper and adhere to the background.

letter i_rev

4. For letter "i": Trim a piece of chipboard to 3.5 inch x 5.5 inch using Craft Knife, then trim a piece of vintage book page the same size. Adhere to chipboard. Then handcut the bottom of the letter "I" from scrap Cosmo Cricket pattern paper and ink edges. Use Large Seal of Approval Squeeze Punch for dot of "I") Ink edges and adhere "I" to background.

letter n_rev

5. For the letter "n": Trim a scrap piece of an old quilt to 5.5 inch x 5.5 inch Then use Pinking Shears to trim 3 sides leaving the top side a straight edge. Handcut the letter "n" from fuschia. Handstitch letter "n" to background using black embroidery floss.
6. For the letter "g": Trim 3 – 2 inch x 5.5 inch strips of cream and argyle sweater and stitch long side together to create one 5.5 inch x 5.5 inch inch background piece. Handcut letter "g" from scrap cotton fabric and handstitch to background using pink embroidery floss. Stitch vintage tassel trim to bottom of background to "finish"the bottom edge.
7. To put the banner together, simply stitch each letter to a 40 inch long piece of pink ribbon leaving about 1.5 inch between each letter.

fiskars banner_main

Supply List

Scrap of kraft cardstock (letter "S")
2 old sweaters (letters "S" and "g")
Black Embroidery Floss (letters "S", "r" and "N")
Pink Embroidery Floss (letter "g")
2 small pieces of scrap fabric (3 inch x3 inch for letters "S" (Cosmo Cricket) and "g")
2 scraps of wool felt (3 inch x 3 nch) in different colors, black & fuscia
Long torn scrap of cotton fabric (less than an inch wide x 12 inches long-for letter "P")
2 inch x2 inch scrap of fabric (for center of letter "P")
Cosmo Cricket Pattern Paper (letter "i")
Scrap of vintage yellow and cream tassel trim
40 inches of pink ribbon
cream thread for machine stitching