Spring Pom Pom and Flower Wreath

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Photo of completed pom pom and flower wreath

Big pom poms are a fun accent that is getting a lot of attention in home decor projects right now, and shabby flowers are a trend that continue to be popular. I decided to combine them, using them to make a soft, fluffy wreath.

Just a couple of supplies are needed to make this wreath. First, a wreath form is needed. I chose to use a Styrofoam wreath as this was what was available to me. Any kind of wreath will work as the form will be completely covered. Consider what you will be using to attach your pom poms and flowers. I used pins and floral pins so Styrofoam was perfect. If you're using glue, any type is ideal. I also used a chunky yarn, the thickest I could find.


Yarn and wreath form for pom pom flower wreath


Using a 24 inch x 36 inch piece of muslin, I made snips in the muslin (along the 24 inch edge) every three inches and tore the muslin into strips. The wreath form was wrapped with the strips, holding the ends in place with sewing pins.


Wrapping wreath form with strips of muslin


Both of these accents are very easy to make. To make the pom poms, begin by cutting a four inch wide piece of cardboard or chipboard and wrapping a thick yarn loosely around it 40 times. When complete, gently slip the yarn off of the chipboard and lay the looped yarn across a 10 inch length of yarn. Tie the length of yarn around the center of the loops and knot it.


Making pom poms from yarn


This will leave you with loops on either side of the tied yarn. Slip a pair of scissors into the loops and cut the loops to create a fluffy pom pom. Using a pair of small scissors, trim the pom pom strings to the desired length and a uniform shape.


Trimming yarn pom poms


Using the Fiskars Fuse and scalloped circle die, cut circles from a variety of coordinating fabrics.  Each flower should have a minimum of 8 circles.


Using Fiskars Fuse die to cut flower petals


Begin with a circle for the flower base. Take a second circle and fold it in half. Take one end of the fold and fold it up at a 90 degree angle. Fold the other end in at a 90 degree angle so the two ends are now touching. Attach the petal to the base. This can be done with fabric glue, or it can be stitched onto the base. Continue making petals and attaching them to the base until four petals are complete. These should cover the base. Add more layers of petals on top of the completed, as desired. A minimum of eight petals should be used, but more petals means fuller flowers!


Assembling fabric flowers from die cut circles of fabric


Each layer of four petals should look like this in the center when completed if you are stitching them. When happy with the number of petals on the flower, begin unfolding the layers to fluff them up into a full flower. Buttons can be added to the center of the flowers to conceal the stitching if there is concern about the fullness of the center of them.


Sample of a complete fabric flower


Begin attaching the flowers and pom poms to the wreath in the desired pattern. These can be attached with floral pins or glued to fabric covering the wreath.


Attaching flowers and pom poms to wreath


A small section of the wreath can be left open to add a bow if desired. I used some scraps of crocheted trim that I had on hand to make mine. Wrapping a length that was approximately 18 inches around the wreath, I added the trim scraps just before tying it.


Making the bow for the wreath


I pinned another scrap of trim to the back of the wreath near the top to make a hanger for it.

This is a very simple project to complete and a lot of fun to make! 


Photo of completed pom pom and flower wreath


Supply List

1 skein thick yarn, wreath form, 24 inch x 36 inch piece of fabric, other fabrics as desired (for flowers), buttons (optional), floral pins or fabric glue, ribbons or trims (for bow).