Handmade Gift Series: Super Cozy Crochet Scarf

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner



This extra long scarf is quick to make up and is bound to keep you warm and snug.

This year I have committed myself to making one handmade gift a month and March sees me making this extra long and super snug crochet scarf that is going to be difficult to part with! I used the Mile Long Scarf pattern available for purchase from Sheila Likes to Knit.

This pattern requires a crochet hook size P (11.5mm) and 6 skeins of Lion Brand super bulky weight yarn. Though this scarf is one of the longest I have ever had the pleasure to crochet, the large hook and thick yarn means that it is extremely quick to make. I chose a deep, rich red color for my scarf which I really love. Since this scarf is worn close to the skin at your neck and chin, I recommend using yarn that is extra soft like the yarn I used.


chain stitching yarn


Following the pattern directions this scarf is crocheted across the width, rather than the length, using a simple single crochet stitch. This is the perfect pattern for a beginner crocheter who want to make something easy but with a BIG impact.


crocheted yarn


If you are likely to be crocheting on a regular basis, I recommend purchasing a large plastic needle that will help you weave in the ends of your yarn as you change skeins.


weave in ends of scarf


Finally, if you make one of these intending on giving it as a gift, I recommend also making a second. This scarf is a winner and you’ll want one for yourself too!


Finished scarf