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  • Large Design Set 102150 - Treatbox

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    Use this Large Design Set with the Fuse Creativity System® to die-cut and letterpress dimensional embellishments in one pass.

    Made specifically for use with our Fuse Creativity System®, this Large Design Set includes a die and two coordinating letterpress plates that let you create dimensional die-cut and letterpressed embellishments in one quick pass through the machine. The steel-rule die cuts a wide variety of thicker crafting materials so you can create unique embellishments other machines can’t. The textured letterpress plates fit the die to press or letterpress designs on the material as it passes through the machine. There’s no special ink needed — when the pins built into the die lift the letterpress plate, simply color in the raised design with a standard fabric-topped ink pad or marker. After one pass through the machine, simple fold the die-cut shape as instructed for a dimensional embellishment. Look for Expansion Packs that coordinate with this Large Design Set for additional letterpress plates that fit this steel-rule die.


    • Ideal for creating dimensional die-cut and letterpressed embellishments in a single pass through the Fuse Creativity Machine
    • Once the material is die-cut and letterpressed, simply fold as instructed for a dimensional embellishment
    • Die cuts chipboard, wood veneer, cork, magnet, vinyl, felt, fabric, foil, foam, cardstock and other thick crafting materials
    • Two included letterpress plates that fit the die make pressing and letterpressing designs simple
    • Letterpress plates accept ink from a variety of fabric-topped ink pads or markers and wash clean with soap and water or a stamp cleaner
    • Design Set accommodates a wide variety of crafting materials and inks for different results
    • Coordinating Expansion Pack letterpress plates (Expansion Pack 102170-1001) fit the steel-rule die to expand your creative possibilities
    • Requires the Fuse Creativity Machine (sold separately in the Fuse Creativity System® Starter Set)
    • Requires large Rubber Mat and Cutting Plate set, sold separately (item # 101180-1001)
    • Lifetime warranty


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    Large Design Set 102150 - Treatbox

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