SureCut™ Scrapbooking Paper Trimmer (12")
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  • SureCut™ Scrapbooking Paper Trimmer (12")

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    Keep all of your scrapbook pages crisp and clean with a trimmer specifically designed to meet your needs.

    Choose our SureCut™ Scrapbooking Paper Trimmer to bring a new level of precision to your next scrapbooking project. The SureCut™ wire cut-line indicates exactly where the blade will cut your scrapbook page. Our patented TripleTrack™ System interlocks the blade and rail for straight, precise cuts every time. This trimmer can even handle extra-large scrapbook pages with precision — a self-leveling swing-out arm extends the measuring deck to a full 12". A permanent scale and grid cutting mat helps ensure cutting accuracy. An ergonomically designed, high-profile blade carriage is easy-to-grip to help you make accurate cuts quickly. It even includes a lightweight, portable design, so it’s easy to take this trimmer wherever your passion for scrapbooking takes you.


    • Ideal for all your scrapbook page trimming needs
    • SureCut™ wire cut-line makes it easy to see where blade will cut for unmatched accuracy
    • Patented TripleTrack™ System interlocks blade and rail for cuts that are straight and steady, never curved or wobbly
    • Self-leveling swing-out arm extends the measuring deck to 12" to cut extra-large scrapbook pages accurately
    • Permanent scale and grid cutting mat is printed from underneath to last
    • 1/16" gridlines provide an additional guide for precise measuring
    • Expanded cut rail with integrated smudge guard holds paper or photos in place without fingerprints
    • High-profile blade carriage is easier to grip than other trimmers
    • Rubberized feet provide stability
    • Cuts multiple sheets of paper at once
    • Works with either High Profile or Low Profile TripleTrack™ blades, style I
    • 12" cut length
    • Lifetime warranty


    • How do I change the blade on my portable paper trimmer?
      • Slide the blade carriage down the rail to the blade removal groove
      • As you near the groove, begin pulling the blade and it will slip out
      • Set the new carriage into the groove, slide it up the rail and you’re ready to cut
      • Note: Works with TripleTrack blades, style I
    • What does "Lifetime Warranty" mean?

      Fiskars products are warranted to the consumer purchaser to be free of defects in material and workmanship for as long as the consumer owns the product. Warranty does not cover sharpening, normal wear and tear, environmental factors, accidental damage, misuse, industrial/commercial use.


      At Fiskars Brands, Inc.'s option, defective product will be repaired, replaced or substituted with a product of equal value. For more details, call Fiskars Brands, Inc. at 1-866-348-5661. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which may vary from state to state.


      If you feel you have a defective item, please visit our Customer Service page to review the options for submitting a warranty claim.

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    Really works great, especially with thinner pattern papers or cardstock. Once you start cutting thicker cardstock (I cut 80-120#) it saves on blades to use a guillotine (my humble opinion). Otherwise, this Fiskars paper trimmer is fabulous. I always keep a few extra new blades on hand as eventually, they will get dull. I love this as it is very lightweight (I have weak wrists & I can easily lift this), cuts perfectly straight lines, has an extension for larger papers, is super easy to see the measurements, has a locking device for security, and you can see exactly where the paper is going to be cut. I'm going to order the scoring device now :)


    I have had the same trouble with the wire on my cutter. I just finished a conversation with a very nice gentleman who is sending me the replacement wire. Then he tells me that I can just cut the old one out! Yep, he's right - it has no functional purpose and is only there as a visual aid. I removed mine and it works just fine. I will be glad to have my replacement wire because it does help to be able to view exactly where the paper will be cut but I can deal with this for just a few days. So far this has been my favorite cutter by far. One thing that might make a difference if you are seeing ragged edges on your cut and your blade is not bad, is to consider the direction in which you are cutting. Remember that paper does have a grain that may impact the best direction in which to cut it.


    It worked very well until the wire guide developed a burr causing rough, torn cuts despite new blades. It would help if wires were available to purchase. I hate throwing this in the trash--bad for the environment.

    Nancy 03/11/2013

    I have never given a cutter 5 stars but in 18 years of scrapping, this is the first cutter of any brand that I can say has been consistent in giving me a straight cute every time. The guide wire has been the key is determining if my cut is straight. I have not had a problem with the blades and just change them as soon as I notice an inconsistency. I love this cutter.


    I have had several paper trimmers over the years, including Fiskars. This is the absolute worse. The wire in the center sometimes gets caught up in the blade and the blade falls out on a regular basis. My local Michael's Crafts, where this was purchased does not carry the replacement blades for this trimmer.The paper doesn't cut clean consistently , and some of the time it doesn't cut well in two directions leaving ragged edges. It will cut in one direction better, but that isn't always reliable for making for clean projects, and then having to take an craft knife to clean it up, or even to start over. Sorry. :(


    Very disappointed with this product! I upgraded from the purple Fiskars Paper Trimmer. The blade always wants to fall off & the measurement is off by 1/8" so when I make cards my papers are always crooked, I take pride in my work & I don't like to give a card that is all crooked. I guess that I need to go back to my old faithful.


    Very disappointed...I upgraded from the old Fiskars gray trimmer. Wanted something portable(have the large rotary cutter). However, it does not cut straight. It is off by 1/8"; I thought it was me but I just watched a Youtube video and the woman had the same well as several of the commentors. It very frustrating when you fold the paper and it is off. I would not recommend this trimmer.

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