Circle Cutter

Circle Cutter

  • Item: 193800-1001


Cut a perfect circle, anywhere on the page!

Our unique Circle Cutter makes it easy to cut circles anywhere on your crafting material, perfect for creating windows on homemade cards, scrapbook pages and more. It cuts circles from 1" to 8" with no preset increments, and the clear base makes alignment easy so you can cut in exactly the right place with no guesswork. Additionally, it includes a gripper foot on the bottom to prevent slippage when you’re cutting.


  • Ideal for cutting circles anywhere on the page, great for adding windows to homemade cards and scrapbook pages
  • Cuts circles from 1" to 8" with no preset increments for crafting versatility
  • Clear base makes alignment easy so you cut your circle in exactly the right place, eliminating mistakes that waste craft materials
  • Gripper foot provides excellent stability and prevents slippage while you cut
  • Includes two blades
  • Replacement blades available (Item 193820-1001)
  • Lifetime warranty


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Couldn't figure out how to use it. Searched for instructions on their web site as it clear suggests to do, couldn't find them either. Customer service was closed. I returned it and replaced it with another product.i do agree with many previous commentators, simple directions should always be printed on the back of the package!


After having the same directions frustrations as many other reviewers I could only get a half circle cut on normal printer paper so I will be returning this product right away. Awful!


I bought this item knowing I'd need to download directions. I researched it online and well, it does say so right on the back of the card, which you should read before you purchase the item... Not a big deal to me personally, but it seems a majority of people have a problem with this. On that front, maybe Fiskars needs to listen to the will of the people. Back to the product, I printed the directions and followed them carefully. I cut a perfect 6" circle in a sheet of banner material on the first try. Mission accomplished. Next, I removed the gripper foot and used the needle point to accurately locate the hole on a point on my graphic. This was challenging, as it's tough to see the needle point through the distorted plastic. After trying a few angles, I found you can see quite clearly by looking down the center of the control arm from above. I was then easily able to locate it exactly where I wanted it. Bottom line, if you can get past the need to download the directions, and don't have a problem actually reading them and following them carefully, you'll find this is a nice little gadget that works very well.


Kind of self explanatory, but I did learn some things by looking at the online instructions, after the fact. WTF, Fiskars, why not include them in the packaging for a them for a $22.00 item??? This cutter worked better than expected for cutting circles in some pretty heavy chipboard. The only problem was after10 circles I needed to change the blade. 3 blades are included, but I would have to buy many blades to finish my project. I imagine that paper circles would work better and prolong the life of the blade. 3 stars for product, 2 for the missing instructions.


This cutter worked perfectly the first time I tried it and every time after. I thoroughly read the online instructions before starting. The instructions were detailed with pictures and many helpful tips. No other learning curve needed. You can cut up to 8 inch diameter circles with very sharp edges. I would definitely recommend the cutter to anyone who can read and follow directions. Good value for the price.


I read the negative reviews and after going to the store and only finding this product decided to try it anyway. After all I just want to cut circles, how hard could it be? The only one at the store was already opened, but after purchasing it on sale I didn't mind too much. I knew before I purchased it that I would have to find instructions online, again no biggie. After easily finding the instructions online, I tried it out and it cut the perfect circle over and over in all sizes. This is great!! I will probably tape my paper down for my actual project but this cutter will do nicely. I agree that including instructions in the package would be nice but that would be my only negative. The product is VERY easy to use and will get used a lot!!


I bought this product because I have always been happy with Fiskars products - however I am very disappointed in this product. Even after reviewing the instruction sheet I am finding it nearly impossible to cut a perfect circle. Either the point or gripper pad (I have tried with both) extends too far, making the entire device rock or the slide bar is not tight enough and does not meet the cut when brought around full circle. I have played with it for a couple of hours and am ready to toss the thing in the trash. If you are considering buying this product, I strongly suggest you rethink!


This is the WORST product ever!!! No instructions--go to website to download? WTF? It is awkward to use, instructions are horrible, and it DOES NOT cut. Just tried to cut a small hole into 1 sheet of paper. It made a black dot impression -no hole whatsoever. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY on THIS PHONEY PRODUCT. I can't wait to take it back to where I bought it.


Download the pdf for instructions -- this tool works beautifully! I don't know why all the poor comments/reviews for this circle cutter but I do know why Fiskars is getting slammed. I guess INCLUDING INSTRUCTIONS would have nice, right? FISKARS: Don't lose your market share because you're too cheap to include a little user's manual. That's just dumb.


Doesn't cut very well. hard to use. most other reviews negative, and I see why. I will be buying a punch instead thats for the only size I need.


Haven't used yet, but it's ridiculous to not include the one page instruction sheet with the cutter. Not all have internet.


Worst craft tool i have ever brought! waste of $40!


I've been looking at a circle cutter for a while and I'm glad I got this one. I normally check ratings before I buy and if I had checked here first I wouldn't have bought it and it would have been a mistake. No, you can't just look at it and know how it works which is what a lot of the reviews seemed to expect. I came here, downloaded the PDF instructions and in moments made a perfect circle. I can see taking a sharpie and making the ruler guide a little easier to read but other than that it's pretty great. Nice purchase and works as described.


Talk about SHEER FRUSTRATION. I have wasted so many sheets of paper and photo prints because this thing is horrible. Half the time, the blade barely even scores the paper, let alone cut all the way through it! And it's impossible to find the exact center of a circle... you have to guess. DO NOT BUY THIS! I thought I was being smart because you can adjust the size of the circle so it seemed like a great buy. Ugh. I will be returning this and purchasing a handheld circle punch instead.


This thing is horrendous. It does not cut well and is awkward to use. My two favorite facets of this piece of junk? The ruler that makes it nearly impossible for you to turn the cutter in complete circles and the spring button on top that you're not supposed to push.


It might look friendly, but this thing is totally non-intuitive. In fact, the Circle Cutter is so complicated to use that the instructions don't fit on the packaging, requiring consumers to go online and search for its finely-printed set of instructions. This shouldn't be like assembling IKEA furniture. C'mon, it's plastic and the size of my HAND. Am I THAT challenged? Never shall I cut a perfect circle like my first grade teacher. Sadness.


The product works great, I suggest watching a how to video on You Tube, The arrow to center the measurement is very hard to see. Use the center of the little tab that's on either side of the orange center post. I made a dark mark with a Sharpie to better see it. It also works best on a single sheet of paper rather than multiple sheets stacked. Love it!


Terrible product. Does not cut well at all. Difficult to read sizes. Cheaply constructed.


This cutter to WAY TOO complicated!! Not easy to use at all, does not cut though paper very well, and very hard to position it in the center of the circle you want to cut. Do not recommend!




I just bought this item and now love it. After reading some of the reviews I was disheartened and figured I would be taking it back. After a little problem solving it works great. I have a glass mat that I tape the paper down so it does not move. The problem of not being able to find the center was the next challenge. That too was solved by placing a small piece of tape on the bottom of the cutter and making a test cut. The tape held the test cut on and I placed it over my stamped image and it worked great. I used Stampin' Up paper which is pretty thick and it cut it just fine.


Poor product - cannot easily read the size because the ruler is not clearly visible, the cut is not going all the way through photo paper, and it is impossible to find the exact center of something if you are trying to cut out a circle. Even the 'needle point' is of little value since you cannot actually see where it is, and if you do use it, there will be a pin hole mark in your circle, rendering the circle itself useless. A much better circle cutter is available from EK. I wasn't thrill with it either, but compared to the Fiskar version, EK gets 5 stars.


Hey, don't be put off by the negative reviews. I was totally expecting failure when getting ready to cut circles out of the centers of fairly heavy paper plates -- the molded kind. This gadget zapped right through all that thickness with perfect ease. Smooth cut, clean edges, happy camper. Also, I got it 60% off at Jo-Ann Fabrics, so super-happy. The hardest part of the project was trying too find the exact center of the plate and getting the gadget to match that center. You'll have to work out your own little raft method to deal with that.


Came with no instructions... when finally found the video, It was apparent to me that it would not hardly cut paper. I needed cut thin craft vinyl. The cutting blades are ridiculously minuscule in length. I would not recommend this product.


Your circle cutter is a piece of engineered junk! I've tried cutting circles with this product and they don't align properly were I've drawn my circle. You have to guess were the cutter blade is! Each time I try to cut, the circle is off! Why didn't your design engineers put reference points so I know exactly were to cut? The instructions you have don't help at all! They sound like they were written by a moron! I will never by another FISKARS product again! I rate this circle cutter a ZERO!


Once I retrieved the instructions, I had no problem. It worked great!


Cuts great circles but impossible to line up and cut the circle where you need to...The ruler is hard to figure out and the center is nearly impossible to find...Will be returning this product!!


instructionss for this cutter


This is a good product but since it doesn't come with instructions I highly recommend watching the video below before using (recommended in a previous review). A couple other things I recommend: -use a cutting mat -the blade cuts much smoother going one way verses another, so experiment to figure out what way is better I give it a 4 instead of a 5 because I feel like you have to apply more pressure than should be necessary -


This tool is annoying to use and very finnicky. I was able to cut a nice larger circle but I could not cut a single circle that was smaller than two inches and what I really bought the cutter for was to cut small circles. Not worth the money or the time it took to fiddle with it. I'm returning it.


A piece of junk. It's next to impossible to see the align arrow through the scalloped clear plastic, so you're stuck with trial and error to get an exact shape. The spare blade holders constantly pop out of their sockets, so you get to play hide and seek for the fallen parts. The blade's depth of cut can't be adjusted, making the job more difficult. On top of all that, you can't see the center point of a circle because the spring-loaded paper gripper covers it up - not a good solution if you want an exact cut around a particular center point. My estimation of Fiskars quality and design has sunk drastically after this poorly thought out and overpriced product. Much better and user friendly products are offered by EK and Cutter Bee. What a disappointment and waste of money.


Ok , while I agree with the "no instruction" thing being weird , I think this cutter is great. After reading the reviews here I almost didn't open it. Instead I decided to search for a video on youtube on how to use it correctly. After watching the video, I cut 3 perfect circles right out of the package. And I have to say, it works perfect. Here is the link to the video if anyone is interested in trying again. I do agree, you MUST use a cutting mat.


it sounds like a great idea but it doesn't execute the job very well


Clever device that does the job poorly 1. Why is there no instructions packed with the product? One would not get off to a bad start. 2. The hold down center works well to hold down but if you press down too hard (determined by the surface, item cut, and user skill) the base rises up and does not cut properly. 3. The depth of the cut is predetermined by the blade – no way to adjust for a deeper cut. 4. The device has a gage to set the cutting head to adjust the cutter to the correct circle diameter. Where is it? The instructions (again, on line) show that it is obscured in the center of the cutter. Even when you read where the gage is located you must search to find it. 5. If you are mechanical then you can figure out how to secure the rotating arm. If not then the tool is useless until you ‘read the instructions’ (again, on line) Read carefully because the instructions detail about tightening the thumb nut correctly because you may ‘overtighten it’ and the consequences are...? 6. To make the cut you must apply pressure to the central plunger (not too much but not too little – it must be just right) then you grasp the base with your other hand and press it down on the surface of the item being cut and rotate it like turning a large radio knob. As it wobbles to the left and wobbles to the right you need to apply pressure opposite the wobble in order to make the cut. So if you put your right hand in and take your left hand out and wobble to the left and then to the right ‘then do the hokey-pokey and turn yourself around – that’s what it’s all about.’ 7. Finally there are four hints telling you what to do if you are not doing it right. This is good – because I assure you that you will NOT being doing it right.


Like others I really wish I'd have read the reviews before purchasing this for my art classes. The ruler is really difficult to read and the hash marks between numbers aren't darkened in which makes them extremely hard to read. The cutter itself is not consistent. Some of the time it will cut perfect circles, then other times I'm left with jagged edges. It's also very difficult to place the cutter with precision. There is a needle tool on the bottom to help with this, but it's still extremely difficult to see exactly where you're placing the tip of the needle.


I also wish I had read the reviews before making my purchase. I was going to get a standard circle shaped punch, but saw the adjustable size option on this produce and bought it instead hinking this would be a more versatile purchase. Unfortunately it is awkward to control and doesnt cut very uniform circles. Trying to manuever it each time is wasting my time when I got a punch to speed up my project in the first place. As other reviewers have said there is no way to line this up to know where you're cutting unless you'd trace out a circle ahead of time but, for my time-saving purposes that extra work would be the corner I was hoping to cut.


Wish I'd read the other negative reviews before purchasing this. I tried to cut circles out of photos, then to cut larger circles once those photos had been laminated. It's not possible to position the cutter with any precision, or to keep it from slipping half the time, or to get it to cut a complete, clean circle half the time. I ruined half the photos. Those that did "sort of" work, I had to trim with scissors. A complete waste of time. This will go back to the store in the morning.


Just bought this item today. It cuts great, clean circles. HOWEVER, I'm trying to cut out circles for cupcake toppers and gift tags. The circles have been pre-printed on cardstock. It is impossible to center the cutter over my images, which means when I end up with part of the the topper or tag being sliced off. Very frusting, especially when it was $20. Hopefully the store I bought this horrible product from will take it back so I can buy a more functional paper punch. Also, I totally agree with others who mention the product should come with directions instead of asking people to download them, and that the measurement arrow should come already colored. Fiskars is a well known brand, and I expected a lot more from them.


I love this thing! I had to cut circles out of a map and I thought it worked perfectly! Don't know how I would have done the project without it. It was easy to use and cut easily.


This product is a total piece of crap. There is no way to position it accurately on the page and there is no way to control the amount of pressure on the blade. Even the measurement setting device is nonfunctional.


This cutter is awkward to use and doesn't cut complete circles. I've wasted a lot of cardstock trying to get it to work. The cheaper cutters work much better.


I suppose this takes some getting used to, but hopefully it serves its purpose once you do. There isn't much space to view your paper through the device, therefore making it terribly difficult to center the circle over a pattern. Also, the instructions suggest "coloring the arrow" with a permanent marker to make it more visible. Seems easier if the arrow was colored at the factory, because it's hard to fit a marker in that tiny space. This is a simple gadget that is a bit overpriced for what you get (even with my 40% off craft store coupon, this was too expensive), but hopefully it will last as long as my Fiskars paper cutter I bought in college. Also, the fact that it doesn't come with instructions isn't great. Heaven forbid someone buys it who doesn't have a computer or internet access.

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