Circle Cutter

Item #: 193800-1001

Cut a perfect circle, anywhere on the page!

Our unique Circle Cutter makes it easy to cut circles anywhere on your crafting material, perfect for creating windows on homemade cards, scrapbook pages and more. It cuts circles from 1" to 8" with no preset increments, and the clear base makes alignment easy so you can cut in exactly the right place with no guesswork. Additionally, it includes a gripper foot on the bottom to prevent slippage when you’re cutting.


  • To change circle size, turn the lock wheel counterclockwise until the cutting arm slides freely, select a circle size and retighten the wheel to lock the arm in place
  • To cut a circle, apply pressure to the control knob with your non-dominant hand, using your dominant hand to spin the body and blade, applying light pressure above the blade as it spins


  • Practice on scrap paper to get used to the cutter
  • Always use on a cutting mat
  • Try standing while cutting in order to center your pressure
  • Tape down your cutting material to prevent spinning

    • Ideal for cutting circles anywhere on the page, great for adding windows to homemade cards and scrapbook pages
    • Cuts circles from 1" to 8" with no preset increments for crafting versatility
    • Clear base makes alignment easy so you cut your circle in exactly the right place, eliminating mistakes that waste craft materials
    • Gripper foot provides excellent stability and prevents slippage while you cut
    • Includes two blades
    • Replacement blades available (Item 193820-1001)
    • Lifetime warranty
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