Self-retracting Utility Knife

Item #: 144740-1001

Work safer with a durable utility knife featuring a blade that retracts automatically when not in use.

The Self-retracting Utility Knife features a sturdy build with a sharp, spring-bound blade that automatically retracts to prevent accidents between cuts. Ideal for cutting cardboard, tape, vinyl, plastic, wallpaper and more, this durable knife powers through tough materials with ease. The handle features a rubber grip and ribbing to help prevent slipping during use. Plus, a simple blade release slot allows you to replace the blade quickly without any tools.




    • Ideal for quickly cutting cardboard, tape, vinyl, plastic, wallpaper and more
    • Self-retracting design improves safety and protects blade when not in use
    • Durable handle features a rubber grip and ribbing for improved control
    • Replacing the blade is easy, requires no tools and takes only moments
    • Hang hole allows for convenient storage and transportation
    • Includes one premium steel, double-sided utility blade
    • Only compatible with Fiskars self-retracting utility blades (SU)
    • Replacement self-retracting utility blades available (item 144780)
    • Full lifetime warranty


    • To remove blade, push blade slider forward until its horizontal bar aligns with slot in outer bracket. Pull slider up and out of handle. Carefully tilt tool forward to slide blade out and onto table. Always avoid contact with sharp edge
    • To insert blade, carefully slide blade into handle from top of tool, centering blade's center circle within slot in outer bracket. Lower blade slider back into handle, aligning slider's bottom circle with blade hole. Confirm alignment by tilting tool forward toward table - if correctly inserted, blade will remain in place




  • What does "Lifetime Warranty" mean?

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