Snap-off Utility Knife (18 mm) (5 blades)

Item #: 144720-1001

A sturdy utility knife boasts eight razor-sharp, snap-off edges in a single blade for a cutting tool that goes the distance.

A great tool for making quick cuts into cardboard, tape, plastic, twine, foam and more, the Snap-Off Utility Knife boasts eight cutting edges in a single 18 mm blade. When a blade edge dulls, all it takes is a simple slide of the lever and a snap to enjoy a fresh, razor-sharp edge. Plus, its hefty, durable handle is sculpted for comfort and enhanced with a rubber grip for added control during cuts that require a little more force. The knife comes stocked with five blades that load automatically after the old blade is removed for added convenience. 

    • Ideal for quickly cutting cardboard, tape, plastic, twine, foam and more
    • Hefty, durable handle features a rubber grip for improved control
    • Auto-loading blade chamber stores up to five blades for convenient, lasting performance
    • Blade slider makes extending and retracting blade easy
    • Handle sculpted for comfort
    • Includes five eight-segment snap-off blades for fast blade changing
    • Compatible with standard 18 mm snap-off utility blades
    • Replacement blades available (item 144770)
    • Full lifetime warranty
  • What does "Lifetime Warranty" mean?

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