4 Piece Rotating Mat Cutting Set

Item #: 149800-1004

Our 4-piece Detail Fabric Cutting Set puts everything you need to make intricate cuts in one place. The slender 18 mm blade on our Classic Stick Rotary Cutter is perfect for accurate, freehand cutting of complex patterns, tight curves and quilting appliqué pieces, while our compact 8” x 8” Rotating Cutting Mat features a rotating design that lets you trim small quilt blocks or easily cut out appliqué pieces. The set comes complete with easy-to-read Acrylic and Square Acrylic Rulers, for quick, precise measuring – a great, compact, all-in-one kit for any small fabric cutting task or detailed project. 

    • Classic Stick Rotary Cutter is ideal for cutting intricate curves, patterns and quilting appliqué pieces out of light- to medium-weight materials
    • High-grade, precision-ground, premium steel 18 mm blade stays sharper longer than other like-sized rotary blades
    • Self-healing, compact 8” x 8” Cutting Mat rotates to help you cut and trim fabric at any angle
    • Easy-to-read grid lines on Acrylic Rulers make it easy to create small, accurate cuts
    • Full lifetime warranty
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