LED SureCut™ Trimmer (12")

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An illuminated cut-line and a large deck offer excellent precision when trimming office materials.

Our LED SureCut Trimmer offers a feature-packed design that makes cutting large office materials easy and mistake-free. Simply slide your paper or materials in, and an illuminated cut-line indicates exactly where the blade will cut for accuracy that other trimmers can’t match. A clear line of sight lets you cut with confidence, and the oversized surface features a permanent printed veneer with easy-to-read grid measurements. A top-quality 45 mm rotary blade makes quick, clean cuts through multiple sheets of paper without tearing or fanning.  Additional features include a blade guard for safety, fixed cutting rail, replaceable cutting bar, paper clamp/smudge guard, built-in replacement blade storage and rubberized feet for stability.

    • Ideal for trimming a wide range of large office materials
    • Built-in LEDs provide an illuminated cut-line for perfectly aligned cuts and last a lifetime
    • Light turns off after approximately two minutes of inactivity to save batteries
    • Clear line of sight offers an additional safeguard to make sure you’re cutting in exactly in the right spot
    • Rotary blade cuts multiple sheets of paper without tearing or fanning
    • Large aluminum cutting surface accommodates paper up to 12" x 12", improves scale visibility for accurate measurements and will never wear out
    • 1/16" gridlines with larger font sizes and accented lines provide an additional guide for precise measuring
    • Expanded cut rail with integrated smudge guard holds materials in place without fingerprints
    • Replaceable cutting bar protects blade edge and can be rotated four times for a long-lasting cutting surface
    • Higher paper fence makes lining up paper easier
    • Fixed cutting rail is permanently set to eliminate the hassle of lifting it for every cut
    • Blade guard protects your fingers during use
    • Built-in blade storage holds up to three replacement blades
    • Rubberized feet provide stability
    • Replacement blade available
    • 12" cut length
    • Includes three AA batteries
    • Lifetime warranty
  • What does "Lifetime Warranty" mean?

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