RazorEdge™ Fabric Shears/Seam Ripper for Tabletop Cutting (5")

Item #: 199800-1001

Designed for clean, crisp cuts when cutting details in fabric, these premium fabric shears feature ultra-sharp blades,a unique handle shape for more accurate tabletop cutting and a built-in seam ripper.

Perfect for tight, precise cuts, our RazorEdge™ Fabric Shears feature premium-grade, stainless-steel RazorEdge™ blades precision honed to an ultra-sharp edge to make sure every cut is crisp and clean. Our unique handle design helps keep fabric flat on the table while you cut for mistake-free cutting precision, a simple slide lever converts the shears to a seam ripper for added functionality, and an advanced pivot design provides ultra-smooth cutting action. 

    • Ideal for cutting in tight spaces and detailed cuts through fabrics like silk, oil cloth, light leather, polyester, cotton, crepe, felt and much more
    • RazorEdge™ Shears feature ultra-sharp, premium-grade stainless-steel blades with a precisely honed edge that glides through fabric for clean cuts all the way to the tip
    • Unique handle shape lets you lay fabric flat and minimizes lifting while you work for more accurate tabletop cutting
    • Sliding lever locks blades into position to pop out stitches quickly and easily
    • Advanced pivot design delivers our smoothest cutting action ever
    • Length: 5"
    • Lifetime warranty
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