Stamp Positioner

Item #: 106220-1001

Place every stamp exactly where you want it with a specialized tool that gives you complete control.

Take the guessing out of your next stamping project with this handy stamping tool. The Stamp Positioner features a built-in imaging sheet that lets you see what the stamp will look like on your project ahead of time. When you’re ready to stamp your materials, position your stamp flush against the positioner’s frame for exact alignment. Compatible with a wide variety of stamp blocks up to 3" x 3", the Stamp Positioner’s reusable imaging sheet easily wipes clean with water and soap or stamp cleaner.

    • Ideal for exactly positioning a wide variety of stamps
    • Built-in, reusable imaging sheet allows you to confirm alignment before you stamp your project and tucks away seamlessly when you’re ready
    • Stamp block (not included) nests against positioner’s frame to ensure every stamp is exactly placed
    • Easily clean imaging sheet with water and soap or stamp cleaner
    • Accommodates stamps as large as 3" x 3"
    • Full lifetime warranty


    1. Extend reusable imaging sheet
    2. Ink stamp and align block’s corner with positioner’s corner frame. Stamp design onto imaging sheet
    3. Use imprint on imaging sheet to confirm placement, sliding imaging sheet under positioner when ready to stamp on project
    4. Re-ink stamp and align block’s corner with positioner’s corner frame. Stamp
  • What does "Lifetime Warranty" mean?

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