Extra Large Label Thick Materials Shape Punch – DIY (2 in.)

Item #: 107240-1001

Whether you’re passionate about creating home décor, upcycling projects or out-of-the-box crafts from unexpected elements, Fiskars® Extra Large Label Thick Materials Shape Punches will help you push your creative boundaries further than ever before. A high-performance design makes it easy to punch shapes from a wide variety of thick and tough materials, ranging from magnets to cardboard, balsa wood, foam and more – simply by depressing the lever. This means you don’t have to buy pre-made embellishments or spend lots of time cutting shapes to create with the eye-catching elements you’ve always wanted to use. All Thick Materials Shape Punches include a built-in lock for space-saving storage and a Softgrip® punch button for comfortable use.

    • Fiskars® Extra Large Label Thick Materials Shape Punches cut cleanly through magnets, cereal boxes, cardboard, canvas, balsa wood & more
    • Softgrip® punch button makes repetitive punching more comfortable
    • Locks down when not in use for space-saving storage
    • Size: 2 in.
    • Full lifetime warranty
  • What does "Lifetime Warranty" mean?

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