Heavy-duty Blade Assortment (5 Pack)

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Cut, carve, chisel and saw with this comprehensive set of heavy-duty detail knife blades.

Versatile and comprehensive, the Fiskars® Heavy-duty Blade Assortment (5 pack) ensures you always have the blade you need for clean, smooth cuts on all your DIY projects. An excellent starter kit for heavy-duty cutting, carving, chiseling and sawing with detail knives, this set includes one #15 keyhole saw blade, one heavy-duty #18 chisel blade, one heavy-duty #19 angled chisel blade, one heavy-duty #22 carving blade and one #27 saw blade. Each stainless steel blade is sturdy and razor sharp for precise, clean cuts into thicker materials such as upholstery fabric, cardboard, wood and more. Storage is safe and easy, with packaging that doubles as a blade case. 

    • The Fiskars® Heavy-duty Blade Assortment (5 pack) features extra-thick, stainless steel blades with razor-sharp edges for all your DIY project needs
    • Compatible with Fiskars® Heavy-duty Easy Change Detail Knife (item 165190), as well as most heavy-duty detail knives
    • Ideal for cutting upholstery fabric, cardboard, wood and more
    • Includes: #15 keyhole saw blade, heavy-duty #18 chisel blade, heavy-duty #19 angled chisel blade, heavy-duty #22 carving blade and #27 saw blade
    • Packaging doubles as blade case for safe, convenient storage
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