Axe & Hatchet Blade Sharpener

Item #: 78616984J

You could spend countless hours swiping blades over a tri-hone stone set, laboriously putting an edge back on your favorite cutting tools. Or you could just give your blades a few effortless swipes with this sharpener and get on with your day. The ceramic roller sharpens at a precise 30º so there's no guesswork. And the safety guard means your fingers are never in harm's way. 

    • Sharpens axes and knives
    • Ceramic wheels sharpen both sides of the blade
    • Safety guard protects hands and fingers while sharpening
    • Non-slip pads on the base give a stable base for sharpening
    • Opens for easy cleaning
    • FiberComp® construction-reinforced fiberglass composite materials provide strength and durability
    • Lifetime warranty
  • What does "Lifetime Warranty" mean?

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