Salsa Rain Barrel System with DiverterPro™

Item #: 59988935J

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High-capacity rain barrel system includes our patented DiverterPro™ Rainwater Diverter for maximum efficiency.

The Salsa Rain Barrel System makes it easy to collect up to 58 gallons of water for your garden and lawn, and our patented DiverterPro™ Rainwater Diverter filters out debris while always channeling overflow away from your house to protect your foundation. Our rain barrel is made in the USA, designed to withstand the elements and even fits snugly against your house so it's never in the way. Our diverter accommodates both standard downspout sizes. Download our installation guide below to see how easy it is to start collecting rainwater and reducing your watering bills.

    • Ideal for capturing rainwater for garden and lawn watering needs, lowering your watering bills
    • Barrel and cover made of recyclable, UV-treated, impact-resistant polyethylene to withstand the elements
    • Spigot position provides clearance for filling watering cans
    • Threaded spigot design offers easy garden hose connection
    • Flat-back design fits snug to house
    • Patented DiverterPro™ Rainwater Diverter filters debris and channels overflow away from the foundation of your house
    • DiverterPro™ fits standard 2" x 3" and 3" x 4" downspouts, is easier to clean and winterize and offers an improved capture rate during heavier rains
    • System includes rain barrel, snap-on cover, threaded spigot, DiverterPro™ Rainwater Diverter and detailed installation guide
    • Rain barrel made in USA
    • 58-gallon capacity
    • Dimensions: 40"H x 23.25"W x 25.6"D
    • Weight: 18.95 lbs.
    • Limited three-year warranty
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