Snow Sled Shovel (59")

Item #: 343020-1001

A smart design provides an easy-to-use snow removal alternative to traditional shovels and scoops.

Our Snow Sled Shovel features a unique design that you push along the ground to scoop up snow without bending or lifting like you would with a traditional shovel or scoop, reducing back ache and muscle strain in your hands and arms. A patented steel blade at the end of the sled digs into hard-packed snow, and an ergonomically angled handle provides comfortable hand placement and makes it easy to push. Tubular steel construction provides lasting strength, a lightweight injection-molded scoop provides easy use and excellent maneuverability, and non-slip grips improve control, reduce hand fatigue and insulate against cold.

Instructions for assembly are in the Resources section below.

    • Ideal for pushing snow off driveways, sidewalks, walkways and other paths
    • Easy-to-push design eliminates back ache and muscles strain in your hands and arms caused by traditional shovels and scoops
    • Patented steel blade at the end of the scoop cuts into hard-packed snow
    • Ergonomically angled handle provides comfortable, natural hand placement that makes pushing easier than a straight handle
    • Tough tubular steel construction provides excellent strength and lasting durability
    • Lightweight injection-molded scoop is easy to push and maneuver
    • Non-slip grips improve control, reduce hand fatigue and insulate against cold
    • Length: 59"
    • Lifetime warranty
  • What does "Lifetime Warranty" mean?

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