Fast-prep Herb Shears (5")

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A unique design makes it easy to quickly mince herbs without a knife or cutting board.

Cast off preconceptions of what kitchen shears should look like. A refreshing, streamlined design makes it easy to mince herbs and more directly into the bowl, no knife or cutting board required. Engineered to put speed and control at your fingertips, a forward hand position allows you to make quick cuts at any angle. Add to that a spring-action design that makes every stroke of the blades virtually effortless, and you’re sure to be using the Fast-prep Herb Shears quite a bit. When dinner’s ready, simply toss the shears in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning.



• Carefully remove sheath

• Place thumb and index finger near the end of the contoured handles

• Gently open and close blades to make quick snips

• Cut with caution


• Wash in dishwasher to sterilize

• Carefully sheathe blades and place in storage

    • Ideal for quickly chopping and mincing herbs and veggies directly over the bowl
    • Unique design maximizes the power of your thumb and index finger to improve control
    • Stainless-steel blades make clean cuts and stay sharp through heavy use
    • Spring-action design automatically opens after each cut to reduce hand strain
    • Softgrip® touchpoints enhance comfort and control
    • Sheath offers safe storage and protects blades from damage
    • Tested and certified by NSF, the public health and safety company
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Measures 5"
    • Lifetime warranty


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