Cut thick & tricky materials

Amplify® Shears cut thick materials other scissors can’t. An intuitive torsion bar senses when blades begin to separate, forcing them back together for a clean cut without slipping or jamming. Each pair features Fiskars’ legendary cutting performance and is backed by a full lifetime warranty.

Whether you’re cutting corkboard, leather, burlap or rope, Amplify® Shears make working with tricky materials easy.

Different cut, different tool

Amplify® Shears come in different sizes and feature a range of blades to help you find the cutting tool that’s best for you. RazorEdge™ Fabric Shears feature our sharpest blades for ultraclean edges, while Serrated Shears give you the grip you need when cutting thick and slippery materials.

In addition, three different sizes help you find the ideal tool for your project. An agile 6" design makes powerful and precise cuts in tight spaces and is perfect for layers, while the 8" shears offer a high-functioning mix of strength and size perfect for a range of tasks. Plus, for large-scale projects, choose 10" shears that excel at long, clean cuts and feature larger handles for added leverage.