Add eye-catching embellishments with a wide variety of user-friendly craft punches designed to cut cleanly every time.

Shape punches

Shake up your décor, create meaningful cards or add pizzazz to a present — a wide array of punch styles and sizes helps you make it wonderful.

Border punches

Create eye-catching edges and impressive paper ribbons with user-friendly border punches that make beautiful results automatic.

Corner punches

Our collection of corner punches is full of easy, inspiring accents, with designs from simple and traditional to fancy and romantic.

More powerful punches

Cut balsa, foam, foil, cardboard and more with a new generation of punches that can handle heavy-duty materials without ripping or jamming.

Homemade tags in 1, 2, 3

Making tags at home couldn’t be simpler with a single tool that punches a tag, punches a tag hole and sets the eyelet without any noisy hammering.

Easy squeezy

Up to 2X easier to use than standard shape punches, squeeze punches make it possible to get crafty without worrying about hand fatigue. The only punches to be awarded the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease-of-Use Commendation, the entire creativity-sparking collection takes the effort out of adding interesting embellishments, from cool shapes to corner details.

Available in a range of sizes and styles, an open punch head lets you see where you’re punching for great results every time.

The AdvantEdge™ System

It’s easy to create impressive borders and paper ribbons with a user-friendly system that takes the guesswork out of alignment. The AdvantEdge™ Punch System automatically positions each punch for perfect alignment and features a magnetic clamp that prevents paper from slipping. Create borders as big as 2.75" with the large AdvantEdge™ system or as small as .05" with the small AdvantEdge™ system.

Both sizes use interchangeable punch cartridges in an assortment of attractive designs. Plus, a simple adapter plate makes it possible to use small cartridges with the large AdvantEdge™ system for even more creative possibilities.

1 punch, 3 designs

Save space while enjoying the choice of three different punch designs with a 3-in-1 corner punch. Available as user-friendly squeeze punches or more traditional lever punches, styles include classic rounded corners, flowing arabesques, scalloped edges, nature motifs and more. Both the squeeze punches and lever punches cut cleanly every time for reliably impressive corner details.