The health of your lawn

Reel mowers promote healthier lawns by cutting each blade of grass cleanly, with a scissors-like action.

Gasoline and electric mowers cut with a tearing action that leaves grass more susceptible to drying and disease.

Reel mowers leave your lawn looking healthy and naturally vibrant.

Your health and the environment

You’ll need to mow your lawn regularly to maintain the reel mower’s effectiveness. If grass gets too long, the mower is tougher to push and loses its effectiveness and grass may just lay down as the mower is pushed over it. So, in this sense, reel mowers come with built-in motivation to get out there and maintain your lawn.

When you remove electricity and combustion engines from lawn mowing, the benefits to your health and the environment’s are many.

With a reel mower there’s no exposure to exhaust gases, no noise pollution and less risk of serious injury from blades striking rocks and debris.

Benefits to your budget

Once you own a reel mower you don't need to make another purchase to get it working. 

There’s no tank to fill, no oil to change and no electricity, spark plugs or air filters to purchase. So, there’s much less time — and money — spent maintaining than gasoline and electric mowers too.

Remove debris

Go ahead and take a walk around your lawn and be sure to remove sticks, rocks and any other debris.

Pull some weeds

If you’ve got any long blades of grass and weeds over 6”, get rid of them. They’ll just get pushed over by your reel mower and won’t be cut.

Don't let your lawn get long

We recommend you mow before your grass gets to be 6” tall. You might need to mow more frequently than with a powered mower but your lawn will thank you.

Cut in long, straight lines

Reel mowers only cut when they’re moving so mow in long, straight runs to reduce stops and starts.

Walk quickly

As you walk faster, cutting power increases. Don’t run—that's not safe. A brisk walk will do the trick.

Adjust the grass chute

The reversible grass chute can direct clippings forward and away from you or back and downward.

Select the best cut height

Set your cut height so that you’re cutting no more than 3” of grass.

Adjust the handle height

If the front end of your mower rises as you push, the handle is set too high. If you have to hunch when turning, it’s too low.


Before you store it, remove clippings and other debris from the mower with a broom. If your mower is wet, be sure to dry it with a towel and spray it with rust preventer as soon as possible.

More power for easier mowing

Standard reel mowers lack the desired cutting power and are prone to jamming.

With that in mind, we developed InertiaDrive™ technology which makes our reel mower easier to use than traditional reel mowers. InertiaDrive™ combines a large-diameter cutting reel and thick blades to store energy until a burst of extra cutting power is needed. InertiaDrive™ doubles cutting power so you can rip through weeds, twigs and tough spots.

Increased cut height

Longer grass is often the foe of standard reel mowers, leaving them hard to push or unable to cut at all. Missing just one week of mowing can render a standard reel mower useless because of their impractically low cut heights.

Our VersaCut™ technology offers the broadest range of cut height settings, from 1” to 4” including one-touch height adjustment for comfort and control.

The result is best-in-class cutting that you can count on, even if you missed your last mow.

Take it to the edge

Standard reel mowers aren’t able to edge closely and often leave uncut strips under the wheels. To eliminate this, our inset wheel design extends the blades across the full width of the mower so you can edge closer to borders, fences and foundations with ease.

One of a kind

Learn more about the unique technologies and the superior performance of our reel mower.