Rotary Cutters

Cut multiple layers, straight lines and curves with a fabric rotary cutter boasting ergonomic handles, titanium-enhanced blades and more.

Unbeatable cutting versatility

A 45 mm blade is ideal for cutting fabric, felt, vinyl or paper and the perfect size for a variety of cutting tasks.

Cutting thick fabric & batting

It’s easy to make smooth cuts through thick fabric with a tool featuring a heavy-duty 60 mm blade that cuts cleanly through multiple layers.

Cutting details & curves

A slender 28 mm blade makes freehand cutting of intricate patterns, tight curves and quilting appliqué pieces easy.

Take comfort in control

Smart features such as slip-stopping loop handles, grip-enhancing Softgrip® touchpoints and no-touch blade changing make using a rotary cutter safer and more comfortable than ever before.

Cut down on slipping and mistakes with a Comfort Loop Rotary Cutter featuring a unique loop handle that keeps you in control. For even better comfort and grip, choose a tool with Softgrip® touchpoints that help fight hand fatigue.

Plus, discover the No-touch Blade Change Tool, which features a magnetic system that makes it possible to quickly replace rotary blades without ever touching a blade.

Find the position that’s perfect for you

The Adjustable Rotary Cutter’s pivoting handle adjusts to three distinct positions to increase comfort, improve sightlines and make cutting thick materials easier. Ideal for large projects and prolonged cutting, the handle locks into place for straight, clean cuts without wobbling or curving. 

Use it as a classic stick, flip it to power position to increase force when cutting thick materials or adjust the blade to the right or left ergonomic position to take pressure off your wrist and get a better view when cutting at awkward angles.