Warranty Form

Before you start

Before you start your claim, there are a few things you'll need. If you aren'€™t in the United States or Canada please contact an appropriate customer care team member from this list of international contacts. If you are using a mobile device smaller than a tablet, you may need to transfer your product image to your computer to complete this form.

This FORM only services the United States, its territories and Canada only; if you are a European Union citizen/resident and need assistance for Contact or Warranty, please use our INTERNATIONAL fiskars.eu customer care page.

Your contact information

You'€™ll be asked to provide basic contact information to help us resolve your warranty claim as quickly and easily as possible. We will never share your information with any other businesses or organizations.

Your product information

Because the product name may be difficult to remember, please include a complete image* of the product to help us identify it correctly. In your Warranty Claim Description, tell us how the product failed to perform.

Your product type

Most of our products don€™'t require a serial number for a warranty claim, but a few do. Take a look for your serial number now to help speed the process.

* Please provide the image as a jpeg, gif, bmp or png image file, not a PDF, DOC or other format.